Project roadmap & status

Task Status
1.1 Backend & Job scheduler Preview version done, ready for deployment
Business logic for web client application and public web API, job scheduler to periodically run your browser tests
1.2 Multi-Region, Autoscaling remote browser internal API Preview version done, ready for deployment
Accessed from our backend & job scheduler, using AWS infrastructure for autoscaling & multiregion web browser automation
1.3 Public web API Preview version done, ready for deployment
REST API to manage your browser tests without web client application
1.4 Web client for management Preview version done, ready for deployment
Some details below in "Web client preview" section
1.5 Public preview deployment Pending

Waiting for 250 users to join our waitlist. Please share this project and help us reach this goal as soon as possible. Thank you!

Web client preview

To easily manage tests from comfort of your web browser we are currently building Blazor WebAssembly Application. You will be able to save tests, group them into test suites and run them in parallel from locations of your choice. By clicking on test status you will be able to access result details from last test run.

Playground module includes simple editor and convenient way to quickly test your scripts:

AppBeat Synthetics web application, playground

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Which web browser do you use?

Currently we are using Google Chrome web browser on Linux.

Will you add support for Playwright automation?

Currently we only support automation with Puppeteer scripts. If we receive enough user requests we will also add support for Playwright in later version.

Will this service be free?

We have to pay for virtual machines and bandwidth to run such tests which is unfortunately not free. For this reason we will have to charge service fee but prices will be very competitive and your cost will be based on your usage.

How secure is my browser session?

Each web browser test session is isolated from other users by using containers.

Will you allow dedicated test servers for maximum security?

Yes, we can arrange dedicated virtual machines for enterprise users which will not be shared with other users.

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